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Cubicle Solutions, manufacturers of 100% moisture resistant, robust and durable Toilet Cubicles, Shower Cubicles, Lockers, Benches, Locker-Bench Combinations and Urinal Divisions

Combinations in Compact High Pressure Laminate (CHPL), Compact Density Fibre Board (CDFB), Cast Acrylic Perspex (CAP) and Melamine Faced Particle Board (MFPB)

Cubicle Solutions combine design flexibility with affordable costs by providing tailor-made toilet and shower cubicle systems for toilet, shower and change room applications. This is a modular system which is floor anchored with an overhead brace. It is extremely robust and hard wearing and most often used in commercial offices, public buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, universities, schools, gymnasiums and sporting facilities. This application can be manufactured using various boards types, as follows:

  • Compact High Pressure Laminate (CHPL)
  • Compact Density Fibre Board (CDFB)
  • Cast Acrylic Perspex (CAP)
  • Melamine Faced Particle Board (MFPB)
  • Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives

Toilet & Shower Cubicles

We combine design flexibility with affordable costs by providing a tailor-made toilet and shower cubicle system for toilet, shower and changing room applications.










Urinal Screens

With two fixing options of either stainless steel brackets or aluminium extrusion, our urinal screens offer an element of privacy and complete design flexibility.











Our locker features include excellent resistance to impact and any mechanical stresses, they’re 100% moisture resistant, unaffected by high humidity or corrosive environments and easy to clean and maintain.














Our benches are made to measure with flexible styles, offering seating durability in any high traffic environment.



Locker-bench Combination

Space saving multi-functional, offering storage and seating combined.










2018 / 2019 FOCUS

Cubicle Solutions manufacture a unique system for water resistant toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, urinal screens, lockers, benches and Locker-Bench Combinations for all kinds of installations and applications. The company’s solutions are flexible and take account of specific project design elements.

The Cubicle Solutions team pride themselves on working with clients from the design stage through to the completion of installation and handover of the project, to ensure that the product is correctly customised, installed and that the client is completely satisfied.

Our products are extremely marketable, being a robust and durable product which can be used in all commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and gymnasiums. It is our vision to continue to grow our export market into new countries with Kenya and Zambia being a major focus for us due to their own commercial development. 

Europe has also become a focal area as Cubicle Solutions have specifically been audited by Bouygues Construction in France and their design and product portfolios have been accredited to their vendor list for projects in Europe and throughout Africa.  Over recent months Cubicle Solutions have quoted on projects on Victoria Island, Nigeria and for a prison in France.




Cubicle Solutions has once again proven why they are one of the top manufacturers in their industry. Well done on doing great work..

Aurecon Development

Company Name : Aurecon Development

The professionalism that the Cubicle Solutions team brought to this project is seldom seen in a niche industry like theirs. Thank you for the work you do and the way you do it .

Hayfields Shopping Mall

Company Name : Hayfields Shopping Mall

We are so impressed with the quality of work delivered by Cubicle Solutions we will have no challenges in letting them do work for us again...

Virgin Active, Constantia

Company Name : Virgin Active


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