Cubicle Solutions Exports

Zambia – Lusaka Gym Locker-Bench Combination 



Tanzania – French Primary School Locker-Bench Combination 

Cubicle Solutions has a very strategic plan with regards to their export market. Over the past 7 years their products have been received well at international trade fairs and through direct marketing activities.  Below is a list of Trade Shows Cubicle Solutions have participated in:

We were asked for specific quotations for our products as a result of participating at these Trade Shows and this has continued ever since.

2014    Dubai Big 5

2015    Tanzania: Dar Es Salaam, International Trade Fair

2015    Zambia: Lusaka, Zambia Build Expo

2015    Angola: Luanda, FILDA

2016    Mozambique: Maputo, FACIM

2016    Ghana: Tamale, International Trade Fair

2016    Zimbabwe: Bulawayo, International trade Fair

2017    Germany: Interzum

2017    Kenya: Nairobi, Build Expo Africa

2017    Zambia: Kitwe, Copperbelt 

2017 Algeria and Tunisia: OSM

2017 Cuba, Havana: FIHAV

2018 Algeria: International Trade Fair

2018 Ethiopia: Matex International Trade Fair

2018 Mozambique: Maputo, FACIM

2018 Cuba, Havana: FIHAV

















Lesotho – Central Bank Toilet Cubicles 

In addition, our marketing activity includes direct selling. Sue Hadcroft has spent time in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya building relationships with local suppliers and architects to ensure Cubicle Solutions products are specified.  The following projects have been completed recently:

  • Garden City Mall, Zambia
  • Livingstone Bus Terminal, Zambia
  • Owerri and Abuja Malls, Nigeria
  • Woodlands Commercial Centre, Swaziland
  • Le Canonnier Hotel, Mauritius
  • French Primary School, Tanzanzia
  • Zenith Bank, Ghana
  • Citi Bank Tanzania
  • Central Bank, Lesotho
  • Botswana Telecommunications, Botswana
  • Caltex, Botswana
  • Hotel Gaborone, Botswana