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Why are lockers necessary in schools?

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In the busy and often hectic environment of a school, tertiary institute or workplace, lockers are an absolutely necessity.

Lockers are one of the few places where people can have a measure of privacy. Every one of these places should set aside a sufficient amount of lockers for the people that use their premises.

 Cubicle Solutions built lockers for BHP Billiton

But why are lockers important?


In every school and classroom – no matter where in the world you are – there is always that one learner who will forget either his textbook or his exercise book or his homework at home. Funny thing is they never forget their lunch at home. To combat this “convenient amnesia” schools should have lockers so every learner should bring every book of his to school every day. So when they change classes they can just change books. Problem solved.

Fight theft

Millions of young people fall victim to theft at school or tertiary institutions annually. If a learner is carrying something of value, it will be much safer to store it in a locker than carry it around all day. Carrying valuables like jewellery or hi-tech gadgets around all day could be risky and therefore these items would be safer if it was locked away. Understandable schools are somewhat against the use of lockers because it could also be a hiding place for illegal substances. However this can be overcome by randomly searching all lockers periodically. The benefit outweigh the risk.


During winter learners use umbrellas, raincoats, parkas and scarves. They need a place to leave these clothing items whilst they are indoors or if the day’s temperature increases slightly. Nobody wants to carry unwanted items  around day. A great solution for this is for the student to leave it in their lockers. That way they also don’t  have to worry about where they have left their belongings during  the day. A locker also is a great place to leave your lunch. Learners who bring their lunch from home don’t necessarily want to carry their lunch in their backpack all day. It might get smashed, mushy, warm or just cause your bag to smell unpleasant. A locker can save the day.

These are just a few reasons why schools should offer students lockers.

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