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Cubicle Solutions Service Offering

CUBICLE SOLUTIONS offer a unique system for all of their products for any kind of installation service.

In fact, our Locker design is registered under the Design Legislation of South Africa as it was created specifically for use with CHPL and can be used by Cubicle Solutions only!

Cubicle Solutions Service Offering

It is our priority to not only provide you with a product, but also to work with you from design stage, offering advice and solutions to meet yours and your clients’ needs and then to continue working with you until full installation has taken place. A complete service!

Once your Contractor has been appointed, we will manufacture as per drawings provided. However, before any work commences in our factory, one of our representatives will visit the site to ensure the project is on time and to carry out a final measure.

We will then deliver to site and our team of fully trained and accredited installers will carry out the installation and ensure at the end of the project, that the installation is signed off to your complete satisfaction. Alternatively we could work with the Main Contractor’s appointed installers and one of our Installation Managers will be on site to ensure installers are fully trained on the installation system and be available for any immediate training queries. Again, at the end of the installation, our representative will ensure the installation is signed off to your complete satisfaction.

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