Toilet Cubicles

This application can be manufactured using various boards and this specification details the following:

  • Compact High Pressure Laminate (CHPL)
  • Compact Density Fiber Board (CDFB)
  • Cast Acrylic Perspex (CAP)
  • Melamine Faced Particle Board
  • Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives

Compact High Pressure Laminate (CHPL)


Compact High Pressure Laminate is a sheet material which is produced from thin layers of technical papers that are impregnated with thermosetting resins and are bonded and consolidated by extreme heat and pressure.
Finished Compact High Pressure Laminate is a homogeneous, rigid, self-supporting sheet.

The 12mm interior grade recommended for toilet and shower cubicles is where surface mechanical resistance is a priority. This product is available in a large range of colours. Compact High Pressure Laminate is eco-friendly and is unaffected by humidity or corrosive environments and cannot delaminate, making it very conducive to water and steam environments.




Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives


This is a Melamine faced wood chip based particle board. This board would be used in low to medium traffic facilities such as office blocks, where access is controlled.

Similar in construction to the Melamine faced wood chip based particle board, but it has additional additives to help improve moisture resistance and therefore providing a lower swelling rate which is SABS and SANS approved.

Cast Acrylic Perspex


Example of Cubicle Solutions Toilet Cubicle in Cast Acrylic Perspex specification for Bill of Quantities:
For manufacture, delivery and installation of toilet cubicles manufactured using 12mm Cast Acrylic Perspex (colour: Frosted White or Mint Green), in Cube-Exclusive Range 1 (code CEx1/304). This is a modular, frameless system with overhead brace and hanging clamp (code CSSH01/316/13), floor anchored with adjustable supporting feet (code CSSF01/316/13), and bracketed to walls and pilasters using stainless steel brackets (CSSBr01/304).


Compact Density Fibre Board


Similar in composition to Compact High Pressure Laminate, Compact Density Fibre Board is a sheet material
made up of compressed fibreboard with a Melamine coating on the uppermost layer which is a coloured decor paper. The 12mm interior grade is recommended for use in Toilet Cubicles, Lockers and Benches. This product
is available in a washroom quality, with moisture resistant additives, so is conducive to an ablution and changing room facility.

Compact Density Fibre Board is a high density, black coloured wood fibreboard (>1’000 kg/m3). This is a solid board made from natural wood material, which has stability, scratch resistance, splash water resistance and is flame retardant. CDFB is suitable for high traffic, public space applications subjected to severe surface stresses.
This product is suitable for toilet cubicles, lockers and benches. It is not suitable for shower cubicles but is suitable for water and steam environments, such as changing rooms, as it has
a washroom quality with water resistant additives.