Whilst our manufacturing processes enable the company to manufacture a wide variety of products, our core focus are on the manufacture of the products below:


 Cubicle Solutions - Toilet Cubicles at Dube Trade PortCubicle Solutions combine design flexibility with affordable costs by providing a tailor-made toilet and shower cubicle system for toilet, shower and changing room applications. This is a modular system which is floor anchored with an overhead brace. It is extremely robust and hard wearing and most often used in commercial offices, public buildings and shopping malls, hospitals and sporting facilities. However, because of its versatility as it is tailor made, this application has very broad uses. This application can be manufactured using various boards and this specification details the following: •Melamine Faced Particle Board •Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives •Compact High Pressure Laminate •Cast Acrylic Perspex

Fixing Systems

CUBE EXCLUSIVE RANGE: All fittings to Cubicle Solutions applications are manufactured from stainless steel. This fixing system has a unique hanging rail acting as a support running along the top of the application with supporting brackets in line with adjustable, supporting legs. There are no steel or aluminium trims to the edge of the partitions, panels or doors ensuring no dust or dirt can collect in corners and that the utmost hygiene is offered in a hygiene sensitive environment. CUBE STANDARD RANGE: This fixing system has an aluminium head rail running along the top of the partitions with adjustable, supporting legs or can be fixed to the ceiling with an extended panel. Again, there are no steel or aluminium trims to the side or bottom edges of the partitions, panels or doors ensuring that the utmost hygiene is offered in a hygiene sensitive environment and can be easily washed or hosed down. This application can be manufactured using various boards, these include:

  1. Melamine Faced Particle Board – suitable for toilet cubicles in low to medium traffic areas such as office blocks and shopping malls.
  2. Melamine Faced Particle Board with Moisture Resistant Additives – suitable for toilet cubicles and lockers that are situated with a shower facility which is conducive to a steam environment.
  3. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Supawood – A more robust board suitable for toilet cubicles and changing room facilities.
  4. Compact High Pressure Laminate– a product that is 100% water resistant and suitable for toilet and shower cubicles especially in public, high traffic areas that may be subject to vandalism. This is often the product of choice due to it being the most vandal-resistant product available. This product is also useful in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals clinics and food preparation areas, day care centres, doctors rooms and laboratories because it is 100% non-porous
  5. Cast Acrylic Perspex – suitable for toilet cubicles in low to medium traffic areas such as restaurants, changing rooms and sports facilities as well as in upmarket, premium locations such as boutique hotels and conference centres.


Cubicle Solutions - BenchesCompact High Pressure Laminate seating offering durability in any high traffic environment. •Made to measure •Flexible styles •Independent coat hooks •Edges and corners are rounded for safety









Cubicle Solutions - LockersExcellent Performance

Unlike metal and wooden lockers, Compact High Pressure Laminate Lockers features include: Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical Stresses 100% Moisture resistant Unaffected by high humidity or corrosive Environments Easy to clean and maintain A wide range of colours and finishes available Extremely durable Various designs available to suit client specification

Styles: CSL10Z Series (‘Z’ Panel) CSL102/3/4 Series (2, 3 or 4 Door) Unit: Compact High Pressure Laminate Door: 12 mm Top/Base/Shelves: 12 mm External Sides: 8 mm Back/ Internal Side: 4 mm Hardware: Connecting and supporting aluminium profiles. Ironmongery to include auto close stainless steel hinge (CSSLH/01/304) and stainless steel mechanism which fits through grove in the door when closed (code CSSCLK/01/304) for individuals to use their own padlocks. Other lock systems available on request.

Types 1T: Single door locker unit. Spacious and ideal for athletic clubs, gyms and other locations requiring larger storage spaces. 2T: 2 tier locker units with hanging rail suitable for any application. 3T: 3 tier locker units for large bag storage, suitable for schools, shopping malls, train stations, etc. 4T: 4 tier locker units for small bag storage. Suitable for supermarkets, skating rinks and bowling alleys. 2Z: Z-Shape & 2 tier locker units offer the space for clothing hooks which are suitable for all staff changing areas including hospitals and athletic clubs. Accessories Coat Hook / Clothes Hanger available as standard accessories in types 1T, 2T and 2Z.


Cubicle Solutions - Sanitary WareStainless Steel Toilet Roll Holders Available in 2, 3 and 5 roll capacities and Jumbo Roll Inspection slot, toilet roll visible at all times Satin finish For commercial and industrial use Dispenses standard single and double ply rolls Stackable – refilling needs to take place less Frequently Lockable with a standard key Soap Dispensers Stainless Steel wall mounted soap dispenser in 304 grade stainless steel. Urinal Fragrance Mats Freshens Urinals for up to 30 Days! These absorbent, disposable mats fit at the base of all standard urinals and freshens the urinal by neutralizing odours for 30 days (or up to 300 flushes per day), by slowly releasing the fragrance. The mats that mould to the shape of the urinal, allows full view of the urinal drain whilst preventing blockage by trapping debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes and paper from blocking the pipe whilst also adding a subtle fragrance to the washroom. Available in multiples of 10 and 100. Annual contracts available to secure pricing structure based on quantities. For more information on all our products and the services that we offer please download our product brochure below. download me