Toilet Doors

Toilet Doors


Example of Cubicle Solutions Toilet and Shower Door specification for Bill of Quantities:
toilet doors - cubicle solutions

For manufacture, delivery and installation of toilet and/or shower cubicle doors manufactured using either 12mm Compact High Pressure Laminate or 12mm Cast Acrylic Perspex (colour: one flat colour, wood grain or two colours would be extra-over), in Cube-Exclusive Range 1 (code CEx1/304). This is a modular, frameless system with doors fixed to small end panels on both sides for doors to be hinged to and indicator bolt to lock in to.

End panels bracketed to walls using stainless steel brackets (CSSBr01/304).
All fixings and ironmongery in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel as specified. Ironmongery to include hat and coat hook (code CSSH&C02/304) with buffer stopper, indicator bolt (code CSTIN01/316/13) and rise and fall butt auto open hinge (code CSTR&F01/open/316/13).

Toilet doors can be fixed to existing brick and tile walls using either Compact High Pressure Laminate or Cast Acrylic Perspex giving a modern make over
to existing ablutions. There are several ways to add Cubicle Solutions toilet doors:

  • As shown above, adding a small partition to the brick wall, extending the toilet area;
  • End panels can be face-fixed to brickwork giving a complete new look to brick and tile facilities or
  • End panels can be fixed just inside the brick wall, to show any tile detail as necessary.